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24K Gold Vibration Slimming Face Massager


Latest CRAZE in Korea & Japan - Reduce fine lines and slim your face the natural way! Now, you can save $$$ on unnecessary botox, facials, and slimming products!

  • T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push face skin and therapeutic point.
  • Helps to relax facial muscles for  Face lift, skin tightening, skin revitalization.
  • Activate skin to keep moist and elastic through vibration (Massage). Help in skin blood circulation.
  • Able to reduce appearance of eye bags, wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead & neck.
  • 6000 rotations per minute with vibration. Give the facial muscle stimulation to achieve a firming effect.
  • Waterproof so you can use in bathroom after shower
  • Activate cells, rejuvenates the look of a tired complexion.
  • Skin feels invigorated & looks more radiant & youthful.
  • Obtain best results when used with uplifting, super hydrating, anti-oxidant & anti-wrinkle products
  • Reshape your face contour to reveal your youthful energy.
  • Use on forehead, cheek, neck, clavicle, shoulder, arm, hands & legs.
  • Requires AA Battery (not included)